Tooth Colored Fillings

The Better Alternative for Tooth Fillings


In the past, if a tooth had a cavity, it was filled with a metal alloy called amalgam, or a “silver” filling.  Over time, amalgam fillings expand and contract with changes in temperature in the mouth and can create pressure inside a tooth, sometimes leading to cracks and fractures.  Amalgam fillings are also known for staining teeth and for being displeasing to the eyes.

The alternative for amalgam fillings that is used in dentistry today is the composite resin, or white, filling.  Just like silver fillings, white fillings are used to seal a tooth after loss of tooth structure from a cavity. Once the cavity is removed, a white filling is bonded into a tooth and dried with a light, and then polished for a smooth feel.  These fillings are matched to look just like your tooth color and can restore a tooth to function and esthetics. In most cases, once the anesthetic wears off, you can go right back to chewing and eating just like you did before!  Composite fillings are a great alternative to the traditional silver filling.

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